About the Editor

Marin — An educational scientist trained in early childhood. She is a full-time mom, academic writer and the chief editor of Strollable. During her free time, she enjoys cooking and hosting dinners.

Our story

It is 2015, while expecting our first baby, we knew we had to buy a lot of baby stuff.

First, we seek the advice some of our friends, who already had their first, or second baby. As we knew nothing about the topic, we asked them to tell us what is essential and what is not. We learned that we would need, initially, a bedside sleeper, a changing table, lots of diapers, etc. Their stories and opinions were very useful to us.

However, we did not have a concluded advice about baby transportation. It seemed as if people were as overwhelmed as we were. Consequently, they simply bought the most popular, or expensive, stroller brand they could; hoping the brand and price alone would ensure a product’s quality and convenience.

We differed from this judgement.

Our searches on the search engine did no avail. The result topics were too broad, or, sometimes, too specific. The amount of online information is just immense. All we wanted was a simple, systematic and up to date overview of the baby transport question.

Learning about strollers became became a necessity. We had to undertake the study of the available resources—including blogs, forums, manufacturers and retailers websites—in order to obtain a conveniently reduced, and ordered information. We spent a great deal of effort finding and organizing this information.

Therefore, we created Strollable to help new parents, like us, learn how to buy better strollers.