Baby Jogger City Select® Photo: © Baby Jogger


$519 from Amazon


  • Type: Standard
  • Weight: 28 lbs / 13 kg
  • Open (LxWxH): 43x26x38 in / 110x65x98 cm
  • Folded (LxWxH): 12x26x33 in / 32x65x83 cm
  • Max load: 45 lbs / 20 kg

A lot of parents are future-minded when it comes to stroller shopping. It makes sense, right? It’s ideal — for your needs and for your wallet — to find a stroller that will work for your family as it grows.

Our Baby Jogger City Select review is designed to help you decide whether a convertible stroller is right for you, and if so, whether the City Select might be your new best friend.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Convertible Stroller

Strollers that fit into the “convertible” category are designed with flexibility in mind. A convertible stroller will usually offer you a variety of seating configurations. Some models — like the City Select — have additional adjustable features like extendable canopies or footrests, or the ability to seat other infants or toddlers. Below, we’ve listed a few factors we recommend considering before you purchase a convertible stroller.

  • What features do I need to be convertible? — If you’re interested in adjustable seating positions, a wide variety of strollers is available to fit your needs. However, your range of selections will narrow if you need more specialized features, like the ability to convert your single stroller to a double.

  • What are the compromises? — When you get added features, you often make sacrifices elsewhere. With convertible strollers, this usually means additional weight and bulk. We recommend trying your stroller of choice in person to ensure that you’re comfortable with these tradeoffs.

  • Where do I live? — Where you live goes hand-in-hand with the size and weight of your stroller. If you need a stroller that can easily navigate public transportation and narrow city sidewalks, the bulk of a convertible may not be for you.

  • What are my storage needs? If you can toss everything in your car and go, this may not be a priority for you. However, if your stroller is going to be your all-day set of wheels, you may want a model that can accommodate your diaper bag, shopping bags, and your latte.

Introducing the Baby Jogger City Select

The City Select is Baby Jogger’s answer to the convertible craze, and it’s a great option with a lot of features to offer.

An important note before we go on — despite the Baby Jogger brand name, the City Select is not a jogging stroller. Never fear, though — there are a lot of fabulous things it is designed to do!

If you have (or expect to have!) two or three kiddos that are young enough to all need to ride, or if you are a parent of multiples, the Baby Jogger City Select might be an ideal fit for your needs.

It can still be an excellent solution for parents of one, but you’ll want to make sure the extra “heft” of the stroller’s chassis works for you.


The Baby Jogger City Select retails for $499.99.

Amazon $519
Target $499.99


  • Available in 9 colors.
  • Can accommodate up to 3 kids.
  • Both seats have equal weight restrictions.
  • Hand-operated brake.
  • Adjustable canopy and footrest heights.
  • Reasonably priced compared to comparable strollers.
  • Roomy below-stroller storage.


  • Does not include a rain or bug cover.
  • Second seat, glider board, and many other accessories must be purchased separately.
  • No cup holder (but available for purchase separately).

Features and Benefits

Convertible Seating Options

What better place to start with a convertible stroller than by examining its various seating options?

Glider Board

Baby Jogger Glider Board Photo: © Amazon

The City Select is one of the most versatile convertible stroller options on the market because of its ability to seat up to two children, with a third riding on a (separately purchased) “Glider Board.”

First, let’s talk about what you get for your money.

Based on what’s included “in the box” with the City Select (a single toddler seat), you’ll only be able to seat one child. That does mean you’ll be shelling out extra for the requisite accessories.

However, this system is not uncommon for similar strollers, and may be an asset for some buyers.

For example, if you’re buying this stroller with an eye toward future additions to your family, you may appreciate being able to save some cash on the initial purchase and can choose to add accessories as you need them.

Though your acquisition of the Baby Jogger City Select only includes a toddler seat, we like that this stroller can accommodate a variety of seat types, including a car seat and bassinet.

Seats can be adjusted to sit forward-facing or rear-facing. Coupled with the City Select’s two-child seating capacity, these combinations give you a whopping 16 seating configurations.

To see them all — and the associated accessories — check out the Baby Jogger’s excellent chart.

The City Select’s toddler seat also features several reclining positions, which allow your little one to sleep the day away or explore the world.

Adjustments are made using a button on the seat.

Check out Baby Jogger’s video here for a great overview of the City Select’s convertible features.

Video © Baby Jogger

Other Adjustable Features

The Baby Jogger City Select also sports several other convertible features designed to make this stroller a more comfortable fit for you and your child.

You can adjust the height of the canopy on the toddler seat, which helps ensure that the stroller continues to be usable as your child grows.

Similarly, the City Select features an adjustable footrest: it extends up to two inches, and you can also adjust the angle to support your child and avoid the infamous “stroller slump.”

This stroller also offers an extendable handlebar, which is a nice feature for taller parents, or when you quickly need to adjust your stroller for multiple “drivers.”

I like the sturdy feeling of the single handlebar design, but others may be disappointed to lose the traditional handles that allow you to stow an extra bag or two.

The button to adjust the handlebar is located right in the middle of the bar, which can be ultra-convenient, but also makes it easy to push mistakenly.

The Brake

Here’s one of my favorite features!

The world of stroller design is finally beginning to see the light: manufacturers are starting to recognize that we shouldn’t need to wear combat boots to set a stroller’s brake.

Moms are increasingly looking for flip-flop friendly brake options, and the Baby Jogger City Select answers this call with its easy-to-operate hand brake.

It flips up to set the brake, and down when you’re ready to move: voila, no more stubbed toes!

Car Seat Compatibility

Here’s my other favorite feature of the City Select: compatibility with a wide variety of car seats.

It can be tricky to find a stroller that will accommodate your car seat of choice, and being able to use your car seat with your stroller chassis can be invaluable — especially with a sleeping child.

The Baby Jogger City Select is compatible with over 20 different car seats models, including big-name brands like Graco, Peg Perego, and Britax. However, you will need to purchase an adapter separately.

Click here for more information about car seat compatibility, and to see if your preferred model is included.

The Tires

The City Select features 8” front tires and larger 12” rear tires, which lend it some extra balance and sturdiness.

Preferences vary when it comes to stroller wheels, but I like the “Forever-Air” design of the City Select’s wheels.

I like to know my wheels won’t need to be patched or reinflated, and plastic wheels always seem to crack or get bogged down.

Instead of air, the City Select’s wheels contain lightweight foam.

Weight and Footprint

When compared to a traditional side-by-side double stroller, convertible strollers typically get the “win” for footprint: it’s always nice to be able to fit your stroller through a doorway or between parked cars.

Let’s get more specific, though: the City Select measures 43.5” (length) and 25.75” (width), which could feel bulky for one kiddo but is downright svelte when you’re pushing two — or even three.

At just over two feet wide, this stroller can easily navigate doorways and similar “tight space” scenarios.

The Baby Jogger City Select folds down to 25.75” wide and 32.7” in length. It also starts at 38.5” high and folds down to a paltry 12.5” in height.

You should note, however, that the second seat does need to be removed to fold this stroller, so anticipate it taking up some extra space unless you plan to use a car seat.

The City Select does not stand when folded, which can make storage a little trickier. The folding process is relatively easy, although it does require two hands: you’ll need to lift both sides of the stroller.

The Baby Jogger City Select also features a lock latch that will prevent it from unfolding itself.

As previously mentioned, convertible strollers typically clock in at a higher weight class than their smaller counterparts. Expect additional weight even when using the stroller as a single, since the chassis is heavier — to accommodate two seats.

Baby Jogger lists the stroller’s weight at 28 pounds, but your stroller’s final weight will vary based on the seating options you select.


The City Select features a vast and flexible under-stroller bin that can hold up to 15 pounds. It also features a mesh pocket located on the back of your child’s seat. This smaller pocket is an excellent option for items like pacifiers, keys, and cell phones. However, some parents may not like that the pocket’s contents are visible.

It is also worthwhile to note that some of the accessories parents look for most are available, but will come at additional cost.

For example, rain and bug covers must be purchased separately, though many strollers include these accessories with purchase. Baby Jogger also offers a cup holder, snack tray, bumper bar, and parent organizer (among numerous other options) for separate purchase.

One accessory I particularly like is the “Weather Shield” attachment for the under-stroller storage bin, which protects your cargo from the elements.

Alternatives to the City Select

If you’re interested in the Baby Jogger City Select but are looking for a little more pizzazz — and have the budget to match — consider the UPPAbaby Vista.

The Vista is a chic convertible stroller that offers a lot of the same features, including two-seat capability and a standing option for a third child.

If we’ve piqued your interest, check out our review of the UPPAbaby Vista here


City Select

  • Available in a wide variety of colors with many neutral options.
  • Both seats hold up to 45 pounds.
  • Smaller canopy.
  • Compatible with a large variety of car seat models.


  • Available in a wide range of colors with many vivid color options.
  • Toddler seat holds 50 pounds while second “Rumble Seat” addition holds up to 35 lbs.
  • More expensive.
  • Larger canopy with pull-out sun shade.
  • Includes rain cover, bug cover, and bassinet with purchase.
  • Compatible with the UPPAbaby Mesa car seat, as well as select Chicco and Maxi-Cosi models.

Another favorite convertible model is the Britax B-Ready.

You lose a little bit of flair with this model, which only comes in black.

As with the Vista, the second seat holds less weight than the primary seat, meaning the City Select might be a better option for multiples.


City Select

  • Available in nine different colors.
  • Second seat attaches above the primary one.
  • Both seats approved for 45 pounds.
  • Cup holder available for purchase separately.


  • Approved for 55 lbs on the top seat and 35 lbs on the second seat.
  • Second seat attaches under and behind primary one.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of car seats (Britax, Graco, Chicco, and Peg Perego).
  • Cup holder is included.

phil&teds™ Navigator

phil&teds™ Navigator
$496.41 from Amazon

Rounding out our list is the Navigator by phil&teds.

Like the Britax, this convertible stroller adds its second seat behind and below its primary. For this reason, when seating two toddlers, you’ll lose the use of the storage space beneath.

The Navigator and the City Select are somewhat comparable in price.

Read the full Navigator review for more details.


City Select

  • Can accommodate up to 3 children.
  • Toddler seat is reversible.
  • Both seats have similar weight restrictions.


  • Capacity limited to 2 infants/toddlers.
  • Main toddler seat can only be forward-facing.
  • Auto-stop wire feature, ensuring that your stroller can’t roll away when unattended.
  • Seat weight restrictions vary based on your selection.


Convertible strollers like the City Select offer a stylish and thoughtfully designed alternative to double-strollers of yore.

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