21 Best Gifts Ideas for New Moms

Celebrate Motherhood

Becoming a first-time mom is a once-in-a-lifetime event — and one of the most fun aspects of being a part of that time in a woman’s life is showing up on your dear friend or family member’s doorstep with a prettily wrapped package just for her!

As an exhausted new parent, I remember what a fun treat it was whenever someone would come over, with a surprise, especially if that surprise focused on my needs as well as my baby’s.

If someone you know is expecting or is a brand-new parent, you’re in the right place — we’ve put together the 21 best gifts ideas for new moms. Enjoy!

Fabulous Gifts for the New Mother


1. Nursing Pillow

Boppy Nursing Pillow

Photo: © Boppy

What better to support the new mother than by helping her give her baby the healthiest start in life?

Nursing pillows are multi-purpose, giving mom a great way to position baby during feeding, plus serving as a fun, colorful support pillow for baby when he starts learning to sit up.

The Boppy is a classic, all-around winner that is still popular after more than a quarter of a century on the market — this alone makes it one of my favorite gift ideas for new moms!

2. Stroller Organizer

Ethan & Emma Stroller Organizer

Photo: © Ethan & Emma

This organizer is one of my favorite gift ideas for new moms because it makes life so much easier for them.

Digging her phone, water bottle, or the pacifier out of the stroller’s bottom basket is no fun at all, and with this particular model, she won’t even have to take the organizer off when she folds up the stroller.

When you’re already short of the eight hands, you need as a mom, every little convenient feature counts. It even has insulated drink holders to keep everything beautiful and cool — now that’s luxury!

3. Insulated Travel Mug

Thermos 16-Ounce Insulated Travel Mug

Photo: © Thermos

If you’re a parent, then I don’t need to tell you how handy a caffeine IV drip would be in those early weeks.

Give your loved one the next best thing with a stainless steel insulated mug she can take on the go on those busy days running to the doctor, playdates, and errands.

The thermos model keeps liquids hot for five hours and cold for nine, plenty of time to wear mom, uh, I mean baby, out and come back home for a nice long nap (for both of them if she’s lucky!)

4. Zippered Swaddle Pouch

SwaddleMe® Pod

Photo: © Summer Infant

Even though the baby is the one who gets to wear this smart little garment, it certainly is a gift that keeps on giving to mom too.

Infants sleep better when swaddled, but keeping them wrapped up in receiving blankets can be awkward and tricky, especially with a little one who likes to squirm (I never could keep those things on my busy babes!).

This ingenious design keeps baby snuggled up tight and closes with a zipper for super easy swaddling.

A happy, comfortable baby means a happy, comfortable parent, which is why I adore this gift idea for a new mom!

5. Diaper Bag

Skip Hop Diaper Bag

Photo: © Skip Hop

All those juvenile pastel prints are great for the baby clothes and nursery bedding, but sometimes what a new mom need is to be reminded that she’s still a woman — and a fashionable one at that.

Skip Hop makes some super stylish designs that don’t even look like diaper bags. They resemble designer weekend bags, and that makes for a gift idea for new moms that will put a big smile on her face and maybe even make her feel excited about the prospect of having to tote around all those diapers and toys.

6. Compact Digital Camera

Fujifilm X-A2

Photo: © Fujifilm

Once the new parents have to lug around diaper bags, strollers, car seats, and all of the other bulky accessories that come with their sweet blessing, they may not want to carry around a chunky professional camera as well.

Compact models make it easy to take pics wherever they go, plus they’re lightweight (typically under eight ounces) and can fit in a coat pocket.

7. Digital Picture Frame

Nixplay WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

Photo: © Nixplay

It’s a given that mom and dad will be taking plenty of pictures of their beautiful bundle of joy.

The problem is that in those busy first months when parenthood takes up the lion’s share of the time, photos often end up relegated to the computer hard drive for what could be years.

A digital picture frame is a gift idea for the new mom that allows her to display all those gorgeous photos with a minimum of fuss.

You may be starting to sense a theme in this gift list — convenience = win!

8. Teething Toy

Sophie la Girafe

Photo: © Vulli

Specialty toys are one of the best gift ideas for new moms because they make a fun surprise that she probably isn’t expecting.

The Vulli Sophie la Girafe teething toy couldn’t be cuter — this adorable little giraffe will delight both baby and mom with her small sweet spots. Plus, it’s one of those things you can feel good about giving because it’s phthalate and BPA free.

9. Classic Swaddle Blanket

aden + anais Classic Muslin Swaddle Blanket

Photo: © aden + anais

Back to that swaddling thing — these beautiful muslin receiving blankets are oversized to make it easier to wrap baby up nice and snug.

Not to mention, what new mom wouldn’t delight in having some super cute blankets rather than the mass-produced brands you get down at the big box store?

The fun, innovative patterns make these sheets extra fun — plus they’re 100% soft cotton — which is why I adore these as a unique gift idea for new moms.

10. Nursing Cover

Mamascarf Nursing Cover

Photo: © Mamascarf

This award winning breastfeeding scarf is another awesome way to support the breastfeeding mother, particularly if you know she’s a bit on the shy side.

A cotton nursing cover will likely become her favorite accessory, mainly since it will allow her to wear confidently any clothing she likes rather than being limited to nursing shirts or button-downs.

This nursing cover is a personal gift idea for a new mom and one that will show her you’ve been paying close attention to her needs.

11. Parenting Books

Mind in the Making

Photo: © Amazon

No matter how prepared she is, the new mother is flying blind until she gets some experience under her belt.

Make her journey a little easier with a significant volume like Mind in the Making: The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs by Ellen Galinsky or No Regrets Parenting: Turning Long Days and Short Years into Cherished Moments with Your Kids by Harley Robart, M.D.

Even though I went into parenting with some loose theories, over time my approaches evolved and I wanted to take in all the information I possibly could.

Books like these are thoughtful gift ideas for the new mom because they help her get a few different perspectives on various schools of thought.

12. Travel Baby Blind

Gro-Anywhere Blind

Photo: © The Gro Company

Give this to the new mother and you’ll make a bigger impression than you might think! It may seem like a somewhat lackluster gift, but for new parents, it’s like a dream come true.

What’s so great about this blind? It is made of blackout material, which means naps away from home just got a whole lot easier. It can expand up to about 51 x 78 inches, and adjust for smaller windows as well.

Not a traditional gift, no, but unbeatably functional.

13. Room Thermometer

Gro-Egg Room Thermometer

Photo: © The Gro Company

I guarantee this little gem will surprise the new mom.

It’s just a fun little product that happens to have multiple functions that come in handy and make it one of the best gift ideas for new moms.

What does this funny little yellow egg do? Tells the temperature for one thing, which lets mom know when to add or remove blankets over baby, plus gives off a soft glow that will comfort the little one in the night.

14. Baby Gym

Fisher-Price Baby Gym

Photo: © Fisher-Price

It may be a stereotypical gift idea for the new mom, but it’s a classic and still reliably entertains babies during floor time, even after decades on the market.

Today’s incarnation is a sweet little rain forest complete with lights and sounds (natch), plus there are toys integrated to the mat to make tummy time even more fun.

What new mother couldn’t use a little break from holding baby, while her little one gets the benefits of visual and textural stimulation?

15. Baby Care Gift Set

Aveeno Baby Gift Set

Photo: © Aveeno

Toys are fun and gadgets useful but as the new parents will soon realize, babies go through bath products like wildfire.

Cleaning and protecting that sweet, sensitive baby skin can seem like a full-time proposition, so mom will appreciate having extra supplies on hand to make bath time easier.

Sets like the Aveeno Daily Care Essentials Basket contain several helpful items like lotion and baby wash perfect for baby’s delicate skin.

16. Portable Changing Station

Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station

Photo: © Skip Hop

This portable changing station is one gift idea for the new mom that you might not think of as particularly useful. After all, if she has a changing table, what would she need a changing set for?

The truth is that messes don’t just happen with the changing table nearby, and particularly during those early days when mom is recuperating from childbirth, having everything right there in the room wherever she happens to be can be a real blessing.

Plus she can take it in the stroller or diaper bag, adding even more versatility.

There’s a zippered pocket for keys or a phone, a wipe case, and a pocket for diapers — once again, convenience reigns supreme!

17. Baby Wrap Carrier

Boba Baby Wrap

Photo: © Boba

Babywearing is all the rage, even though technically human societies have used this method of carrying their little ones for thousands of years — if not more.

The benefits for both mom and baby are well established, and heck, the ability a to carry baby without having to lug around an awkward, heavy infant seat is worth the price of admission alone!

Plus, I love this gift idea for new moms because dad can use it too (all the cool dads do!).

18. Developmental Toys

Fisher-Price Baby's First Blocks

Photo: © Fisher-Price

What parent doesn’t want to raise a genius?

Developmental products like the Baby Einstein line of toys, videos, and music CDs feature special textural, aural, and visual elements that stimulate baby’s brain activity and enhance his interest in the world around him.

Plus, they’re just plain fun, which makes them a winner in our list of the best gifts ideas for new moms.

19. Baby Memory Book

Pearhead Chevron Baby Book

Photo: © Pearhead

It’s easy for new parents to assume that they’ll never be able to forget their baby’s first word, haircut, or solid food.

But as many of us quickly learn, mommy brain doesn’t take long to set in and things can quickly slip away.

A memory book reminds the new mom that documenting these events is important and gives her an easy way to keep track of all those poignant moments.

Choose from the simplest of journals to complex albums with room for pictures and locks of hair. Whatever style you choose, a memory book is a gift that keeps on giving.

20. Sound Machine

Marpac Natural White Noise Sound Machine

Photo: © Marpac

I don’t know what it is about soft noise, but it sure works a charm to soothe infants to sleep (even I can’t sleep without it!).

Gone are the days of having to put a fan in the nursery because now there are products which not only plays lullabies but also projects colorful, softly glowing images onto the wall.

Baby sound machines make our list of the best gift ideas for new moms because it’s really the little things that make such a huge difference in life, and this is one of those fantastic little things.

21. Gift Cards

Target's Puppy with Bullseye GiftCard

Photo: © Target

True, true, it may not be as fun to wrap as a toy or gift basket, but as a new mom I remember how difficult it was just to get out to the store to get the things I certainly needed.

With the advent of online shopping, gift cards are convenient and easy for mom to use, allowing her to whittle away at that list of baby items she didn’t even know she’d need.

Or, even better, perhaps indulge in a little something luxurious for herself.

You can give her a little push in this direction by choosing a card that encourage her to be kind to herself, such as one for her favorite makeup store, or a spa certificate (she’ll thank you later).

Time to Choose!

Even if you’re still undecided on exactly what to bring that special new mom in your life, I hope this list of the 21 best gift ideas for new moms sparks some great ideas in your mind.

As a mom myself, I believe there’s great value in nurturing and caring for new mothers and helping them make the most of this wonderful rite of passage.

What was your favorite gift as a new mother? Share with us in the comments, and don’t forget to share this list with others you know who may need suggestions!