Best Baby Strollers For Tall Parents

I’ve always been the tall girl. Seriously, trying to find a pair of pants that aren’t supposed to be capris isn’t exactly simple. Finding the best affordable baby strollers for tall parents is a must-do in my life. What do you, as a tall girl too, need to look for before buying a suitable stroller?

Why Look for a Special Stroller?

Strollers are strollers – right? You just pick one that has wheels, holds a baby and moves over the ground. Or, not. Hunching over a tiny little stroller isn’t exactly comfortable.

Imagine that you’re on a 30-minute walk, spending the afternoon shopping or out for the day at an event. Think about how much time you’ll spend pushing that stroller.

Now think about how hard that hunching is on your body. Your back is curved, your shoulders are shrugging, and pretty soon you’re in pain.

Posture plays a key role in back strain. The idea that standing up straight prevents back pain and hunching over worsens strain isn’t exactly astrophysics.

Choosing the wrong stroller for your height may aggravate an existing back condition or possibly start a new pain. That’s why picking a just-right-for-my-height stroller is essential for any tall parent.

How to Choose a Stroller for Your Height

There is no one right stroller for every tall parent. Even though I consider myself tall, your height may make me look somewhat small (or vice versa).

Choosing a stroller that fits a tall person requires some height comparisons. Go beyond the overall measurements of the stroller and start by breaking it down into pieces or parts.

Which baby stroller parts require height-match evaluation? Start at the point where you push – the handles.

Picking handles that are higher up allows you to push baby, without having to bend over, reach or hunch down. Don’t stop here. Even though longer handles are helpful, they aren’t the only parts of a stroller that you need to measure.

Taller people tend to have longer legs, making wider strides. Check the bottom of the stroller to make sure that you aren’t constantly kicking it as you walk.

How Are You Using the Stroller?

Not all baby strollers are created equal. Some are meant to take your little one on a jaunty walk down the block while others have sturdy designs that keep bouncing at bay when jogging around the neighborhood.

There are several different types of strollers to consider, depending on what your needs are.

If you’re into hiking, are outdoorsy or are an avid exerciser, a jogging stroller has the wheel treads and low bounce performance to keep your baby steady as you move.

When you need a multi-tasker that goes from car seat to strolling around town, a travel system is an easy option. That said, sometimes you don’t need (or want) the bulk that comes with these systems.

While an umbrella stroller is typically go-to for a feather-light model, these styles are often too short for the tall parent. What’s another option? There are light-weight baby strollers that cut the bulk without taking too much away from the overall size.

What Differentiates One Stroller from Another?

Not every jog stroller, lightweight or umbrella variety is the same. When you’re looking for an affordable stroller, nixing the bells and whistles offers an easy way to cut costs.

The mock steering wheels, attached baby play toys and coordinating patterned print fabrics may all add on to the overall price. If cost is important to you, sticking to the basics might be in order.

Travel systems and their many pieces may seem like they’re jam-packed with extras. Yes, these strollers have plenty of parts (such as an added infant car seat). These ‘extra parts’ may come with an extra few dollars added to the price tag.

Even though you may pay slightly more for a travel system, keep in mind that this stroller grows with your child — eliminating the need to buy several strollers over the course of the baby/toddler years.

Not every ‘extra’ that comes with a stroller are meant for your child. What add-ons are for adult use? Adjustable handles are an option that may impact the price. That said, the benefits of telescoping handles (they may make maneuvering easier for a tall person) might just outweigh the cost.

Even though an adjustable model goes beyond the bare basics, not every model falls into the ‘costly’ price range. Some adjustable strollers, depending on the brand, are just as affordable as the standard styles.

5 Strollers for Tall Parents

Chicco Bravo Trio System

Chicco Bravo Trio System
$379.99 from Amazon


  • Height adjustable handle. If mom’s tall, and dad isn’t, this option lets both parents stroll without hunching or reaching.
  • It’s a full travel system. You get three modes (a detachable car seat, a reclining stroller and an upright stroller) to meet your baby’s changing needs.
  • A one-hand fold form for an easy collapse.
  • Less expensive than many other ‘travel systems’.
  • Smooth ride.
  • Easy initial set-up.
  • Stands on its own in the folded position.


  • Pricier than an umbrella or non-travel system stroller.
  • The large canopy may get in your way when installing the car seat.
  • Requires an added attachment to use the car seat with the stroller (meaning that there’s one additional step).
  • Heavier than most jogger or non-travel system strollers.


  • It’s a jogging stroller! Whether you’re training for a marathon or just getting some exercise, this model makes its way over the road with a smooth ride.
  • Lightweight frame doesn’t add extra strain to your run.
  • It comes with a front-side adapter, allowing you to attach a snack tray for your child or a car seat.
  • The handlebars are high enough up to prove comfortable to the tall parent.
  • This style has a handlebar brake, making it easier to stop the stroller when jogging down a hill.


  • Maybe not big enough for toddlers (especially those that are very tall).
  • Somewhat pricey. That said, it’s still less costly than many other jogging stroller styles.
  • It has a fixed front wheel. While this provides a smooth ride, it doesn’t give you as much maneuverability.

Baby Trend EZ Ride

Baby Trend EZ Ride
$139 from Amazon


  • Adjustable handles for parents of different heights.
  • Three-wheel stroller provides easier maneuverability.
  • It’s a travel system. This model comes with a detachable car seat and fits children up to 50 pounds (in the stroller part of the system).
  • Easy assembly.
  • Inexpensive, especially for a travel system.
  • Lighter weight than other travel systems.
  • Large-sized head support for younger babies.
  • One-hand fold for easy handling and storage.


  • Adjustable stroller positioning isn’t always easy to move.
  • The overall design is a bit bulky, and may not fit into a small-sized car trunk.
  • The wheels are prone to wobbling.


  • It’s lightweight. The Liteway has an aluminum frame, making it easy to lift and maneuver.
  • The detachable storage basket (you can attach it at the bottom) also doubles as a sling tote that you can carry with you after putting the stroller away.
  • The seat reclines fully for younger babies or so that your child can rest.
  • The back wheels come equipped with toe-tap brakes for secure (and easy) stops.
  • Folds easily for travel and storage.


  • No top-side tray for you to stash your keys or a cup in.
  • The wheels may not offer as smooth a ride as other strollers.
  • No tray for your child in front.
  • The sunshade canopy is small in comparison to other models, and may not cover your baby as thoroughly as necessary.

UPPAbaby G-Lite

UPPAbaby G-Lite
$159.99 from Amazon


  • The extendable sunshade comes in SPF 50+ fabric.
  • When folded the stroller stands on its own.
  • Holds children up to 55 pounds.
  • Very light weight (it only weighs 10.7 pounds total).
  • The mesh slingback keeps baby cooler on hot summer days.
  • Easy set up.
  • Even though the handle height isn’t adjustable, it’s still high enough up for a tall parent to use.


  • There’s no real head support, making this stroller a challenge to use with a younger baby.
  • Younger children may slip (there’s no body support) as they sit up in the stroller.
  • The mesh back may not keep baby warm enough in cold climates.

Which stroller wins the tall parent prize? While they each have their merits (and drawbacks), the Chicco Bravo travel system slightly edges out the others. Why? Not only does it grow with your child, but the adjustable handles make it a winner with parents of different heights.

If you’re the tall parent, you can push baby without having to put off proper posture. This may mean fewer aches and pains, especially in your back.

Not only does this model have a height adjusting handle, but it also has other benefits – at a relatively basic price!

From the one-hand foldability to standing up while folded, this height-handling baby stroller (and the others on the list) help tall parents push without pain.

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