7 Lightweight Jogging Strollers Under 25 Pounds

Looking for the lightest jogging stroller? Many models are cumbersome and hard to get in and out of your vehicle, but you can still find a lightweight jogging stroller on the market today that performs just as well as the heavier equivalents.

As the owner of a bulky jogging stroller given as a baby shower gift that gets little use, I am here to help you find the right stroller to add to your registry.

Here you have a roundup of the seven lightest jogging strollers. All under 25 pounds.

1. The Thule Glide (20.4 lbs)

The lightest by far, the Thule Glide boasts a very aerodynamic design that rides well on any terrain.

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One thing that you will love about this stroller is the adjustable handlebar that you can tailor to your height. We have had several strollers that seemed too tall or too short for my height and an adjustable handlebar would have been a great feature.

The canopy on this model is wonderful and there is plenty of storage, including stow pockets for your baby’s things.

Baby’s comfort is also a priority and this model can recline to a near flat position which is great for tired little ones.

The weight limit on this model is 75 pounds, so it will last well past toddlerhood.

Another great feature is the one-handed compact fold, making it easy to fold up and go.

This stroller is great for running, has a fixed wheel, and is rated high for its maneuverability.

2. The Schwinn Arrow (22.4 lbs)

Schwinn took their experience with bicycles and applied it to a line of jogging strollers.

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The Arrow has a minimalist design because it lacks the extra features found in the most expensive models. It does still feature a detachable cup holder for you and a small storage area underneath. The Arrow has a fixed front wheel and a hand brake to help control speed. The seat reclines to almost flat for tired or younger babies.

For many owners, it seems to work better on pavement than off-road.

It also has an adjustable handle like the Thule models.

This is a great basic stroller if you don’t care to pay for all the extras and can handle a child up to 50 pounds. It is recommended if your are running for the first time.

3. The Thule Urban Glide (22.6 lbs)

The Thule Urban Glide is also known as the big brother of the Thule Glide. Everything we liked about the Glide has been upgraded in the Urban.

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One thing you will love about this stroller is the ease with which it goes from jogging and uneven terrain to urban areas since it has a swivel wheel.

It also features the adjustable height handlebar and one-handed, compact fold of the Thule Glide. The large canopy, storage, and comfort for baby are all great features of the Urban Glide.

The maximum weight limit on this jogger is high at 75 pounds so you know you are going to be able to use it for a long time. Even rides a five year old in it with ease.

4. The BOB Ironman (23.2 lbs)

This is the official stroller of the Ironman Triathlon.

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Its easy two-step folding design makes it easy for you to get in and out of a vehicle, even in tight places, and I like the large viewing window so you can see your baby easily while using the stroller.

There is a cargo basket underneath for storage as well as several pockets, including some inside for snacks and toys as your little one gets older.

Since the weight limit is 70 pounds you can use it for years.

One thing I really like is the car seat adapter on the Ironman. That way, you can start walking with your little one earlier. The baby faces you and is up higher than a normal stroller, so you can watch them the entire time.

This stroller is known for quality and is a good choice for both running and walking with its fixed wheel.

Parents find that this stroller is very durable and has a smooth ride.

5. The Baby Trend Expedition (23.6 lbs)

The Baby Trend Expedition is an affordable option with a swivel wheel that also accepts car seats.

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I really like the child tray that includes 2 cup holders so you can use it as a dual-use stroller. There is a large storage basket underneath and the trigger folding device makes it easy to store.

You would love it for its value and is a great all-around stroller too. It is best if you only jog occasionally but want a jogging style stroller with large all-terrain bicycle tires that can handle a bit of off-roading.

The weight limit on this model is 50 pounds.

The Baby Trend Expedition is part of a travel system that includes the jogging stroller as well as a car seat that work together. This is nice as you won’t have to wonder if your car seat will be compatible with the stroller you choose. Also, if appearance is important to you, then you know that the car seat and stroller will match. You can buy them together, or you can just buy the jogger if you already have a car seat you like.

6. The Instep Flash Fixed Wheel Jogger (23.8 lbs)

The Instep Flash Fixed Wheel Jogger is a great choice at an affordable price.

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It comes in bright colors such as Orange and Grass which appeal to both parents and babies — hence the Flash name.

It has a nice handbrake so you can control the speed easily.

The parent tray comes in handy when you need a space to store a few things and includes two cup holders.

One thing I really like about this stroller is the built-in mechanism that prevents accidental fold-ups.

This stroller has a dual-trigger mechanism for folding that still folds up easily and you can even pop off the wheels to get it in tight spaces, like most car trunks.

The maximum weight of this stroller is 50 pounds so you will get good use out of it.

A great value and highly rated.

7. The Schwinn Turismo (24.5 lbs)

The Schwinn Turismo is a swivel wheel stroller that ranks fairly well in the economy category.

products/schwinn/turismo.jpg Photo by Schwinn

The Turismo features a tray for the baby that has a nice snack compartment and two cup holders as well as a tray for parents that includes cup holders. The parent tray also has a place to store keys and your phone.

You can strap a car seat into this model, but it doesn’t snap in like some of the other models.

This model also has the adjustable handlebar, which helps if you are a taller or shorter parent.

A nice feature is a canopy with built-in speakers for your mp3 player.

The Turismo folds easily, can hold a child up to 50 pounds, includes a storage area underneath the stroller, and has a decent canopy to shade your little one from the elements.

It also includes a window in the canopy so you can keep an eye on baby while using the stroller.

One feature I particularly like about the Turismo is that the locking mechanism for the front wheel is under the handlebar on the back so you don’t have to bend over at the front wheel to lock or unlock it, which can be a pain on other models.


Many of these strollers share features, such as a five-point harness to keep baby safe. You should never consider a jogger that does not have a proper harness, and you would have trouble finding a model today that doesn’t include a snug-fitting five point harness.

Most of them recline to a near flat position, and all have a canopy to keep baby out of the elements while out and about.

Any of these joggers would make a great addition to your baby gear.

A lot of parents have questions about which is better: a fixed wheel or a swivel wheel? It really depends on what you plan on using the stroller for and how much use it will get at each activity. For example, if you are a dedicated runner with another stroller for going out to the mall or other urban areas, you need a fixed wheel model. Most serious runners won’t even consider anything other than a fixed wheel. However, if you are only running/jogging occasionally and want to use the stroller more often as your main stroller, a swivel wheel is the way to go.

How do you like this list? I hope you enjoyed learning more information to help you find a lightweight jogging stroller that fits your style and your budget. Leave a comment below and please share this article if you found it useful.