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$496.41 from Amazon


  • Type: Standard
  • Weight: 28 lbs / 13 kg
  • Open (LxWxH): 51x23x39 in / 130x59x100 cm
  • Folded (LxWxH): 30x23x12 in / 76x59x30 cm
  • Max load: 44 lbs / 20 kg

Choosing a stroller for one child is a challenging task.

Which features do I need? Will the one I like even fit in my trunk?

Now, add another child into the equation and the decision just got a whole lot more complicated. You might be so overwhelmed by the options that you don’t even know where to begin.

This phil&teds™ Navigator review may be a good place to start your quest for the right stroller.

Life with two active little ones can be hectic, to say the least. I know when my kids were little there was always a chance that one would get a wild hair and try to slip away while I tried futilely to focus on the shopping or just getting across the parking lot safely.

A double stroller lends sanity to the chaos by keeping both babies comfortable — and most importantly, safe — while you go about your walk or errands.

Whether you’re having your first baby and thinking ahead to the day when you just might need a second seat, or you already have a toddler and need to replace your soon-to-be-inadequate single buggy, a convertible version is an intelligent choice.

On the other hand, if you think your first little bundle of joy might be the last, you could be better off investing in a single model with other features like extra storage space.

Things to decide when choosing a double stroller:

  • Convertible vs. fixed seats — do you want the option of using it as a single?
  • Side-by-side vs. inline — narrow doorways will be a challenge with side-by-sides, but they offer easier access to the babies.
  • Jogging vs. standard — if you’re a running enthusiast, you’ll need a stronger suspension.

The Phil and Teds Sport (aka Navigator) Stroller

Note: phil&teds renamed the “Navigator” as “Sport”. And as explained in this support page the accessories are interchangeable between both versions.

This versatile inline stroller features a rugged three-wheel design with a removable second seat at the rear bottom. It allows you to use it as a single, or to add the extra seat when you need to take two children along.

You’ve also got the option to purchase the stroller by itself as a single and buy the second seat kit later, or as a set (at a bit of saving over buying the kit separately).

This model is the redesigned incarnation of phil&teds™ Explorer, which is slightly smaller in both height and width when folded, but lacks the adjustable handle and carrying strap of the Navigator.

Likewise, the popular Baby Jogger City Select is comparable, but is not one-hand foldable and does not allow front and rear facing seat adjustment as the Navigator does.


Amazon $496.41
Walmart $499.99

Let’s take a look at a few of the pros and cons of the Phil and Teds Navigator Stroller.


  • Convertible — gives you the option to use only as a single stroller, or to add a second seat, rather than being stuck pushing around a bulky two-seater even if you only have one child with you
  • Inline — the tandem design means you’ll be able to fit through normal doorways without performing complicated (and possibly embarrassing!) maneuvers.
  • Compact for a double — at just 23” tall and 11.8” wide when folded, the Navigator easily fits in most vehicles.


  • Small storage — particularly with the second seat installed, there won’t be much room for parcels or a diaper bag.
  • Reduced view for back rider — while the baby in the bottom seat won’t be able to enjoy the same scenery the front child does, a couple of toys can circumvent this problem.
  • Premium price tag — while not the most expensive in its class, the Navigator will set you back about $500 for the stroller alone and roughly $570 with the second seat kit included.

Features and Benefits

  • 26 seating configurations — this is perhaps one of the most compelling features of this stroller. Have two babies still in infant seats? No problem — the Navigator can accommodate both. Face the kids both forward, toward each other, or click on the optional carrycot and allow your newborn to lie completely flat.
  • Adjustable handle — a taller mom or dad won’t have to bow when it is her or his turn to push the kids.
  • One-hand folding — whether your hands are full of babies or groceries, you can easily and quickly get the stroller put away in the trunk with the one-hand control that allows you to fold and lock the frame in one step.
  • Three-wheeled design — the single front wheel allows for tight maneuverability and easy handling. The three-wheel design makes life a whole lot simpler when you’re traveling or trying to work your way through close store aisles.
  • Auto-stop — the ingenious hands-free auto-stop brake means no more worrying about runaway strollers, ideal for those unexpected times when you have to attend to one of the children or stop on a slant.
  • Air-filled tires — the 12-inch air-filled wheels offer enhanced comfort for your baby, and easier handling over rough terrain for you.
  • Narrow profile — the Navigator, is just 23 inches wide, which means public transportation and tight quarters, such as in restaurants, are no match for this stroller.
  • Follow-the-sun canopy — the pivoting sun shade allows you to adjust the protection to where your child needs it most.
  • Easy curbing — the weight of the second child being in the back means that you won’t have to strain and bend just to pop the stroller up a curb.
  • 77-pound weight limit — the front seat can hold up to 44 pounds, and the rear can hold up to 33 pounds. While this is a bit lower than many double strollers, it’s still quite flexible for the inline setup — the rear seat can hold an average child up to age three, and the front seat to age five, which means you’ll get a good long life out of this model.
  • Fully reclining seats — both of the seats can recline to four positions, including completely flat. This is an unusual feature in the product category and gives you incredible versatility, especially for younger infants. No more slumping babies when they drift off to dreamland as you enjoy your daily stroll!
  • Five-point harnesses on both seats — this is a feature that really would have come in handy with my little Houdinis. Many a baby has thwarted the three-point system of strollers past, but thanks to improved safety features you can rest assured you won’t suddenly look down to find that your little magician is escaping as you wheel him along.
  • Zip-off 450 denier fabric — this removable, easy-to-clean and breathable fabric has a softer feel than that of the stroller’s predecessor, and offers a high-end look with simple care for all of those inevitable messes.
  • Car seat compatibility — the Navigator is compatible with the travel system adapters for other brands like Graco, Peg Perego, Maxi-Cosi, and Chicco, which makes it easy to transfer your accessories if you own another stroller.

Check out the phil&teds’ official video here for a great overview of the Navigator’s features.

Video © phil&teds

Alternatives to the Navigator

By now you might have decided that the inline design with the back seat lower than the front just isn’t the right convertible stroller for you.

There are some other good choices, including:

Baby Jogger City Select®

Baby Jogger City Select®
$519 from Amazon

This model offers 16 seating combinations, including the option for two infant seats, a bassinet and single seat, or facing the kids toward each other in the included seats.

One benefit of the City Select is that each seat can hold 45 pounds, but they can’t be used for babies under six months old.

For just over $530, you get the stroller plus the second seat kit — everything you need for a complete double setup.

Read the full City Select Review for more details.

Mountain Buggy® Duet™

Mountain Buggy® Duet™
$649.99 from Amazon

This compact side-by-side features an innovative design which allows you to swap out the second chair for a huge amount of storage.

It’s barely wider than the Navigator — at 25 inches — which means it can still fit through standard doorways even when being used as a double stroller.

Like the phil&teds™ Navigator, it has air-filled tires and an adjustable handlebar.

The Duet is a bit pricey, at about $650.

Bumbleride® Indie Twin

Bumbleride® Indie Twin
$740.32 from Amazon

The Indie Twin is a premium side-by-side double jogging stroller.

It is a bit wider than the Navigator and the Duet, at 29.5 inches, but offers the option of holding two infant seats, 12-inch air-filled tires, adjustable footrests and backrests, and oversized sun canopies.

Unlike the Navigator, the Indie Twin has independent suspension for ultimate comfort while jogging.

There is a premium for these features — a price tag of just over $700.


As a soon-to-be or new parent, the array of stroller options can be dizzying. If you’re planning on having more children you want to be able to manage everyone’s needs — including your own — as efficiently as possible.

The Phil and Teds Navigator offers you a slew of options that not only allow you to take both children everywhere with you, but to choose from using your infant seat if you prefer, or even two of them if Mother Nature delivers you the gift of twins!

And if you don’t add to your family, the Navigator is still a great choice — you’ll just have more storage.

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