UPPAbaby Cruz Vs. Vista: What Really is the Difference?

Trying to decide between two dream strollers can get complicated. And let me tell you from experience that when they are both made by the same manufacturer, it only compounds the problem.

Stroller shopping usually goes along with a time crunch, too, so we want to make your research as easy as possible! For that reason, we’ve decided to compare the UPPAbaby Vista and the Cruz for you in one comprehensive review.

These are two of the hottest strollers on the market, but their similar features can make it tough to decide which one is right for you.

UPPAbaby Cruz vs. Vista: let the battle begin!

But first, let’s take a quick look at these two models main differences:

  Vista Cruz
  UPPAbaby Vista UPPAbaby Cruz
Fits up to 3 children 2 children
Weight 28 pounds 22 pounds
PiggyBack option
Infant SnugSeat option
MESA Infant Car Seat option
RumbleSeat option
Includes the Bassinet

What is Similar?

The beautiful thing about this particular battle is that these are both fantastic options. Whether you choose the UPPAbaby Cruz or Vista, you’re guaranteed a stylish stroller that gives you lots of convenient options.

We’ve talked about it before, but we’ll say it again: if you’re looking for a stroller that can grow along with your child, these two strollers are worth a look.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at what you get when you purchase the UPPAbaby Cruz or Vista.

Both strollers offer a variety of seating options that recline and are reversible. They both also feature a bumper bar attachment and an adjustable canopy height and footrest.

Whether you purchase the Vista or the Cruz, you’ll receive the stroller frame, toddler seat, bumper bar, and mosquito/rain covers. The Vista does include some additional pieces, but more on that later.

UPPAbaby offers a 3-year extended warranty on both strollers.

Now on to the Differences

The distinctions between the Vista and Cruz are, for the most part, relatively minor. That said, these small differences can affect which stroller is most practical for your family.

Having a clear understanding of what you’re looking for in a stroller will go a long way toward helping you choose the right UPPAbaby model for you.


Price is an important feature for many stroller seekers, so let’s start here.

The UPPAbaby Cruz (retails for between $499.99 and $529.99) is much more budget-friendly than the Vista (between $839.99 and $879.99). That said, some factors and features might justify the extra expenditure for your family.

First of all, the Vista comes with the bassinet attachment, while the Cruz only includes the toddler seat. Purchase of the Vista also includes a bassinet bug cover, as well as a bassinet storage/carrying case.

The bassinet alone retails for $189.99 on the UPPAbaby website and can also double as a sleeping area for your newborn.

Another major factor in the price difference is the additional seating capacity of the Vista, which can carry up to three children.

Differences in Seating

The most noteworthy difference between the UPPAbaby Vista and the Cruz is in seating capacity. The Cruz is equipped to seat one child while the Vista can be adjusted to seat two children.

PiggyBack UPPAbaby PiggyBack for Vista Photo: © UPPAbaby

If you’re a parent of twins, it’s worth noting that the Vista’s configuration options can accommodate two infants. Both strollers offer an option called the Piggyback, which is a wheeled platform that can be attached for an additional child to stand on top of it.

Both the Vista and the Cruz offer several different seating options, including a toddler seat, bassinet, and car seat. The Vista also features a fourth option called the RumbleSeat, which operates as a second toddler seat.

The bassinet is considered suitable for infants up to 3 months while the toddler seat on both models can hold up to 50 pounds. The RumbleSeat, however, is only approved for children up to 35 lbs.

The UPPAbaby Vista and Cruz are both popular for the flexibility of their seating options, and both offer reversible and reclining seat possibilities.

Both the Vista and the Cruz feature five recline positions. The slight exception here is the Vista’s RumbleSeat, which only features four.

Technical Specs

Generally speaking, the Cruz is smaller and more lightweight than the Vista, which takes on some extra poundage due to its increased seating capacity.

The fully assembled Cruz weighs 22 pounds, but it gets a little tricky to calculate the Vista’s weight. Your final stroller weight will vary depending on what seating options you’re using.

The lightest weight option (frame and toddler seat) is 28 pounds while the heaviest option (frame and two bassinets) is 37 lbs.

When open, both strollers have the same length (37 inches) and height (40 inches).

The Vista runs slightly wider than the Cruz. However, it is just a difference of 26 versus 22 inches.

If your stroller’s “footprint” is important to you — for example, if you live in a small apartment or are going to be navigating lots of narrow store aisles — this may be an important factor for you.

Understanding the size of your stroller when it’s folded may be another important consideration, especially if you’ll need to toss it in the trunk and go.

Both the UPPAbaby Vista and Cruz fold with or without the seat attached. No matter which fold you use, both strollers lose some height and length in the process.

The Vista drops 5.5 inches in height when folded (down to 34 inches). It also goes down to 14” in length with the seat, and 13.5” without.

The Cruz only loses two inches in height when folded, which leaves it standing 37 inches tall. It, too, folds to 14” in length when you leave the seat on, but goes down to 12” with the seat removed.

Both the Vista and the Cruz feature a one-step fold, and can stand upright when folded.

Use for Newborns

If you’re looking to use your stroller from day one, both the Cruz and Vista can be adjusted for use with newborns. But it’s important to understand the specifics

The UPPAbaby Cruz has a few available components that enable you to use your stroller for your newborn, but you will have to purchase all of these needed accessories separate.

Infant SnugSeat for Vista and Cruz. Infant SnugSeat for Vista and Cruz Photo: © Amazon

The Infant SnugSeat is a moisture-wicking insert that is intended to support infants and provide additional neck support.

A pricier option is purchasing the Cruz-compatible bassinet, which is identical to the Vista version.

The SnugSeat is also available for the Vista though it is not included with purchase, so users may prefer to use the bassinet instead.

It is also important to note that if you intend to use the Vista for two or more children, you will need to purchase any second seating (RumbleSeat and second bassinet) separately, as the Vista only comes equipped to seat one child.


Another important factor to consider when you compare Vista and Cruz is the available accessories for each.

UPPAbaby offers a wide variety of accessories. The lengthy list is comparable for each of the two models and includes options like parent organizers, cup holders, and snack trays.

A few additional accessories are available for the Vista, but these are all components that contribute to its convertible or double seating capacity.

Additional Resources

If you’re looking for more specific information about what each stroller has to offer, we recommend you check out our Vista and Cruz reviews.

We suggest that you check out the videos, which provide an idea of an ideal day in the life for each stroller. Watching these will give you a sense of how these features might work well with your lifestyle, and how each design meets slightly different needs.

As a bonus, each of these reviews includes some comparable alternatives to these strollers.


Here’s our final verdict. When you are weighing the UPPAbaby Cruz vs. Vista, it’s going to be important to consider your lifestyle and popular features.

If you’ve only got one child and aren’t planning to welcome number two anytime soon, you may want to opt for the Cruz. If you’d like the extra versatility, the Vista may be your selection — though you’ll want to be sure that you’re willing to take on some extra stroller weight.

If we have piqued your interest, you can take a closer look to the Cruz here, or the Vista here.