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$839.99 from Amazon


  • Type: Standard
  • Weight: 27 lbs / 12 kg
  • Open (LxWxH): 37x26x39 in / 94x67x100 cm
  • Folded (LxWxH): 14x26x33 in / 36x67x84 cm
  • Max load: 50 lbs / 23 kg

The Vista is UPPAbaby’s only convertible stroller, and arguably their most versatile.

We're pretty sure it's a universal truth: adding more kiddos into the mix makes stroller shopping harder, not easier. If you're expecting multiples — or looking for a stroller that will work just as well for your baby as it does for your toddler — rejoice! We've compiled the mother of all UPPAbaby Vista reviews to help you decide whether this versatile stroller is right for your family.

Buying a Convertible Stroller — What Should I Consider First?

Convertible strollers are among the most flexible stroller options on the market.

While sometimes more expensive than more traditional strollers, they offer versatile features that allow your child’s stroller to grow along with him or her, including options to seat multiple children. Because convertible strollers can come with a wide range of features, we’ve compiled some questions to help you decide whether this is the option for you:

  • How much will I use the convertible features? — The idea of being able to do a lot with your stroller is alluring, but some parents won’t need everything a convertible stroller has to offer. For parents of multiples, a stroller that accommodates two infants will likely be a priority, but that feature may not be as useful to others.
  • Does style matter to me? — Convertible strollers are in vogue right now, which means that consumers are looking for all the bells and whistles when they buy this type of product. To some extent, you may be paying for your stroller’s trendy look, meaning it’s important to consider whether aesthetics are a factor for you.
  • What are my future plans? — It may seem premature to think about future babies now, but if you suspect you may be welcoming another new addition anytime soon, you may benefit from a stroller that can adjust from a single to a double.
  • Bassinet vs. Car Seat? — If you will mainly be transporting your newborn in his or her car seat, you may not need a bassinet attachment for your stroller. However, if you’re a city dweller or would like to be able to let your little one sleep in the bassinet attachment, this feature may be a good fit for you.
  • How will versatile features impact the stroller in other ways? — Because a convertible stroller is built to carry multiple children, the chassis is often heftier to compensate. If you plan to use your stroller for a single child, this extra poundage could be irksome. Be on the lookout for potential tradeoffs like this as you research your preferred model.

Introducing the UPPAbaby Vista

If you’ve read this far, you’re likely thinking that a convertible stroller sounds like it has the potential for your needs.

Let’s take a closer look at the UPPAbaby Vista.

UPPAbaby is a Massachusetts-based company that focuses on creating user-friendly products with a trendy aesthetic. Their line offers five different strollers, a car seat, and a wide range of accessories for each.

The Vista is UPPAbaby’s only convertible stroller, and arguably their most versatile. It seats up to two children in a variety of configurations while a third child can ride on an attachable platform.


The UPPAbaby Vista retails for $839.99 - $879.99 and comes with a 3-year warranty.

Amazon $839.99

If you were unimpressed by previous incarnations of this stroller, it’s worth another look: the 2015 updates to this model have been thoughtfully designed. The Vista’s second attachable toddler seat now reverses, reclines, and features a more substantial canopy. It now also features an attachment for a bumper bar or snack tray.


  • Sleek, sophisticated look with a variety of color options.
  • Transports up to 3 children (2 seated, and 1 standing/riding on the UPPAbaby Piggyback) in a variety of configurations.
  • Includes a bassinet option which is approved for sleeping.
  • A lot comes in the box! Purchase of the UPPAbaby Vista includes the chassis, toddler seat, bassinet, a bumper bar, a bassinet case, a bassinet bug cover, and a bug cover and rain cover for the toddler seat.
  • Other adjustable features include handlebars, canopy height, and footrest.


  • The Mesa car seat, rumble seat, second bassinet, and Piggyback accessories must be purchased separately, which can get expensive if you’re looking for all of the above.
  • This stroller may feel weighty to some, especially for single-child use: it starts at 27.5 pounds with the chassis and one seat. An additional seat adds 7.5 more pounds while each bassinet weighs 8.4 pounds.
  • Somewhat bulky fold, although it does stand when folded, which is a potential storage “pro.”

Features & Benefits of the UPPAbaby Vista

Adjustable Canopy, Handlebar, and Footrest

According to UPPAbaby, the company aims to craft strollers that are comfortable for children and user-friendly for parents. Features like these really speak to that vision.

First, the canopy: the bassinet, toddler seat, and rumble seat all have an extendable canopy that provides sun protection.

The canopy is also fully removable. However, what I really like is that all three seats feature an attached sun shade, which further extends to provide additional shelter.

Another major plus is that the height of the canopy can be adjusted so that your poor toddler isn’t crouching down under it! Similarly, the Vista’s footrest can adjust based on your child’s position and height to support little legs.

Now that your little one is taken care of, let’s talk about your own comfort! The Vista’s handlebar is telescopic, meaning that it can adjust to accommodate the height of the adult pushing the stroller. The handlebar adjusts with the push of a button, making it fairly easy to switch between “drivers.”

To check out these features, and to see a potential “day in the life” of a UPPAbaby Vista stroller, we recommend this video:

Video © UPPAbaby

Ventilation Options

Ventilation is fairly standard for most strollers these days, but I think the Vista is particularly well-designed in this regard. My favorite feature is the bassinet, which includes ventilation in the mattress and base as well as a zippered vent panel in its canopy.

The rumble seat and toddler seat both feature canopy ventilation panels that open with a magnetic closure. I particularly like this touch: there’s nothing the sound of Velcro® to wake up your sleeping child!

The Vista’s ventilation panels are made of a dark mesh to let in the breeze without fully exposing your baby to the sun. However, this stroller does not have any side ventilation options, which may be a point in the “con” column for some parents.

Bumper Bar

The 2015 version of the Vista includes a bumper bar, which is a nice added feature from a safety perspective. A bumper bar can also be an easy handhold for small fingers or a great place to attach a favorite toy. The UPPAbaby Vista’s bumper bar is easy to remove, and can also be replaced by a snack tray (which is available for purchase separately).

Storage Capacity

A definite point in the “pro” column for the Vista is its excellent storage capacity. Underneath the stroller is a large, soft-sided basket that is approved to hold up to 30 pounds. Additional storage options are available through UPPAbaby’s accessory store.

Seat Types and Capacity

The UPPAbaby Vista is compatible with a range of seat types. You can use any combination of bassinets, car seats, and toddler seats.

A note to clarify: the UPPAbaby Vista website refers to a “toddler seat” and a “rumble seat.” At first glance, it can be confusing to differentiate between the two. Here’s the distinction: the toddler seat comes with the Vista while the rumble seat is the second toddler seat (which can be purchased separately as an accessory). The main difference between these options is the weight limit: the toddler seat is approved for children up to 50 pounds while the rumble seat can hold up to 35 pounds.

Different Seating Configurations

Many UPPAbaby Vista reviews don’t provide specifics about what each of the different seating options can do, and understanding the different options can get confusing: that’s why we’re here!

The bassinet and car seat options do not reverse or recline, but that’s to be expected for infant seating options. The rumble seat and toddler seat can be used both forward-facing and rear-facing, and both are able to recline. However, the toddler seat has 5 reclining positions, while the rumble seat only has 4.

In order to convert the stroller, you will need some combination of upper and lower adapters ($19.99 apiece). You can also purchase adapters for Maxi-Cosi and Chicco car seats ($44.99 apiece). Attaching different components is as simple as “clicking” them in. Removal is equally easy, requiring just a push of a button.

There are no bonuses for a user-friendly website, but I really like UPPAbaby’s pages detailing how the Vista might be used for varying ages. Check out their infant page, toddler page, and multiples page to see more specifics about how to configure the Vista for your family.

For parents expecting twins, I love this video for a thorough look at this stroller’s twin-appropriate configurations, and the specific adapters and accessories required for each. The video also highlights the attachment process for the Piggyback.

Video © UPPAbaby

Alternatives to the UPPAbaby Vista

If you like what the UPPAbaby Vista has to offer but aren’t sold, we want to make sure you’ve got some ideas as you continue your search.

Below are three alternatives to the Vista.

If the UPPAbaby Vista appeals to you but you only need seating for one child, we recommend taking a look at the UPPAbaby Cruz review.

You lose the ability to convert the stroller for 2-infant use, but you can still use the Piggyback attachment for an exhausted older sibling.

Here’s a closer look at how the two compare:



  • Heavier, but more adaptable (carries up to 3 children).
  • More accessories come with the purchase.
  • Convertible stroller.


  • Lighter chassis, but can only carry one bassinet/toddler seat (but up to 2 children).
  • Bassinet (and carry case and bassinet bug cover) must be purchased separately.

Baby Jogger City Select®

Baby Jogger City Select®
$519 from Amazon

In the “convertible stroller” category, you’ll often see the Vista compared to the Baby Jogger City Select.

Of our alternatives, this is arguably the closest to the Vista in terms of available features.

The most obvious benefit of the City Select is the price: it retails for $499, making the City Select a great alternative for a family on a budget.



  • Carries up to 3 children – two seated and one standing (with a Piggyback accessory)
  • 50 lbs. weight capacity for one toddler seat, 35 lbs. for the rumble seat.
  • Comes with chassis, one seat, rain cover, bug cover, and bassinet.
  • Higher price point.

City Select

  • Carries up to 3 children – two seated and one standing (with a Glider Board accessory)
  • Both seats hold up to 45 lbs.
  • Comes with chassis and one seat.
  • Budget-friendly.

On the B-Ready, the second seat attaches behind and below the primary seat.

While some may like this configuration, some users have complained that the stroller is unsteady when the primary seat is empty.

However, the B-Ready is compatible with a wide range of car seats, which may fit your family better if you plan to use a brand that isn’t compatible with the Vista.



  • Numerous color options.
  • Compatible with UPPAbaby’s MESA car seat as well as select Chicco and Maxi-Cosi car seats.
  • Can hold 50 lbs. on one toddler seat, and 35 lbs. in the rumble seat.
  • Seats have 4-5 recline positions.


  • Only available in black.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of car seats (Britax as well as competitor’s brands like Graco, Chicco, and Peg Perego).
  • Adult cup holder.
  • Can hold 55 lbs. on the top seat, and 35 lbs. on the second seat.
  • Seats have 3-4 recline positions.
  • Rain cover and bug cover not included.


A convertible stroller like the UPPAbaby Vista may be the right fit for you if you’re a parent of multiples, or if you’re looking for a stroller that will accommodate the needs of your growing family.

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